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G. S. - The information from this site is a terrific educational tool concerning my golf game.

K. L. - Very cool! Love the site.

K. R. - This is a really great website.

F. H. - Wow!  You really have a lot going on now.  Looks great!.

J. B. - Nice job.

B. C. - Thanks for the averages on the different holes.  That's an eye-opener.

G. S. - This site looks great!

B. Z. - OK, now that _____ told me how to access everything, this is a fantastic website.  Everything I could ask for and more.

D. J. - Very interesting.  A lot of great stats.

K. U. - Your Golf Resuorces page is the most comprehensive, helpful list that i have ever found.  Thank you.

S. S. - OurGolfStats is a great website.  It's features are terrific.

S. B. - This service gets better every year.  Wish I had found it years ago.

J. M. - Been meaning to write... been using the system and loving it.

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