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For Beginners
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There are many resources that you can use to pick up the
game of golf - books, videos, magazines, etc.  However, a
good use of your time in the beginning would be to take
lessons and have an instructor actually give you feedback
on how you are doing.

Golf instruction can be very expensive, especially if the
instructor is a golf pro at a golf course.  While this may be
an excellent resource for you, there are other places where
you can get personal golf instruction and still buy groceries.  
Consider taking a course on golf in school at one of your
local community colleges.  If you are lucky enough to be
able to get golf instruction at your university or high school,
do not pass up that opportunity.  Sometimes golf instruction
is available at your local YMCA.  The point is, start with
personal instruction from someone who can give you
feedback on what you are doing.  Those videos and books
will always be there for later.

This web site has started and will continue to grow a list of
other web sites where instruction in golf is available.  
Periodically check out our listings on our
Links to Other Golf
Resources page.